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Ancestral Tourism

Routes to your North East roots

Around 50 million people worldwide claim Scottish ancestry and because Scottish written records go back a long way, it is relatively simple to trace your roots.

Inspired by television programmes like Who Do You Think You Are? coupled with a boom in ancestral tourism, Aberdeen has become extremely well placed to help visitors answer the age old question: Where do I come from?

No matter how vague your link with the North East might be, we can help make your visit even more enjoyable by helping you delve into your past with; two easy to use websites and the Routes to your North East Roots brochure.

Check out which contains great advice on how to get started, what information you need and where to find it, plus a list of places to find original records. The website also contains a number of fascinating real life family stories from the area to inspire you to look into your own past.

The website of Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society - another brilliant resource to help you find more about your history and covers not just Aberdeen itself but the old counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Morayshire.

The Routes to your North East Roots brochure helps guide you on your quest for your ancestors.  It brings together all the organisations and institutions in the City of Aberdeen, and Aberdeenshire which hold original records, or secondary sources of information that you will find extremely useful when building your family tree.

You never know what you might discover, so what’s keeping you?

Happy ancestor hunting!  Learn more about what can discover on our "My Routes to my North East Roots" blog.