Top 5 Ways To Do the Wild Dolphin Trail

VisitAberdeen have been out and about to find the Top 5 ways to do the Wild Dolphin Trial! How have you been visiting the dolphins? Have you tried any of the ways in our list? If not give it a go and enjoy!

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Let the Little Ones GoApe!

Kids driving you ape this summer?

When we found out that GoApe were putting in a mobile mini course for the little ones, we were dying to have a go!  Unfortunately as no-one in the office is under 10 (though we are over one meter in height), we had to look to Mya for some help!

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MacLeod House Lodge

An #amazingABDN Experience

It was one of those truly spectacular days; the sort of day that imprints on your memory and wedges itself deep into the folds of your heart. 

It was a day spent exploring the Aberdeenshire coastline, under glorious blue skies, and with a sparkling sea and atmospheric castle ruins as the picturesque backdrop.  It was a day, like so many others, where I hardly put down my camera.  And it is because of a photograph taken on this wonderful day that I came to spend my wedding anniversary wrapped in luxury at the MacLeod House and Lodge on the Trump International estate. 

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Well I've heard of Munro bagging, but Castle Bagging? Well it was a new one on me so I just had to give it a whirl. To make it more ‘fun’, the guys in the office challenged me to see how many castles I could ‘bag’ in one day. I love a good challenge so the race was on!

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World Cup Widows' Weekend

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you feel like you need a weekend to get over it? Well this Monday, I feel like I could do with a couple of days to recover!

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