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Banffshire Coast

The Banffshire coast is a place of peaceful natural beauty, stretching from Pennan to Cullen, you can find some indescribable sights along the way.  

Something really spectacular about this area is the thriving wildlife - it is often a common occurrence to see dolphins at play, not to mention the gannets, porpoises, puffins and the occasional whale.  The coastline is decorated with quaint fishing villages each with their own unique characteristics.  Banff for example displays fine examples of Georgian architecture whilst Fordyce is described as a fairy-tale village with its narrow streets and beautifully preserved medieval buildings.

The area of course has some claims to fame, the village of Pennan features in the award winning film Local Hero (1983) where you can still see the recognisable red phone box from the film today.  The quaint cliff-side village is a place of breath-taking scenery, much like other areas along the Banffshire Coast, it's a great spot for bird and wildlife enthusiasts.

To find out more about the Banffshire Coast visit: www.banffshirecoast.com